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Be different, be out of the box

We’ve all been there: In the audience of an event counting the minutes until you can stop pretending to listen.

With that in mind, in 2014 when I started organizing IT out of the box, I said to myself: So let’s scrap standard presentations and shake things up! Be out of the box at IT out of the box.

We see far too many presentations in which slides are used the same exact way everyone else uses them. Our question for our vendors participating at our event was: Can you inject something different into your slide presentation? Or have no slide at all? Challenge yourself to be communicative without technology.

At the beginning it was very difficult. But, in time, results started to appear. Not from the first year. But they came.

Last year, Attila Paksi  was brilliant. There was no slide presentation, just a video. And Attila spoke being permanently synchronized in real time with that video. Is this difficult? Very. Is this different? Oh, yes. Is this memorable? Absolutely.

At the edition of this year, Frank Basinski  also had no  ppt. And no video. He just talked. And it was not only that…He talked in Romanian. And he did it really well. We were surprised. We were flattered. All audience.

Going without any slide is a high-wire act. You have to be good. You have to be passionate. And these men are passionate.

And they were out of the box. 

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